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Stress-Free Courses

12-week Accelerator program that will help you launch your online course stress-free, risk free and build an evergreen funnel for your course

Most of the people will never create an online course because they feel it’s too overwhelming and stressful.

Especially the constant launching that it looks like the big-name gurus are doing non-stop. Many will start creating course content and will spend so much time doing it (I’ve seen cases with 2 years+ of perfectionism/procrastination cycles) that when it’s all ready, it’s time to redo it all over because the market has changed or how they teach also changed. 

So, what is the solution?

To help you get your course out of your dreams and plans and show it the world, I created a system that doesn’t let you get stuck and pushes you forward to get this thing done in record time. You will start selling your course before you complete creating your lessons. You will see your profits before you get overwhelmed and demotivated. You will finally see the first testimonials from your students. 

“Stress-Free Courses” is the only Accelerator program that shows you


how to create your online course that will sell


how to presell your course before recording the content


how to launch your course without advertising budget


how to attract customers 


how to automate your marketing and sales funnel to generate evergreen income with your course without stressful launches

Who is This Program For?

You have audience and content 

(on your blog / Youtube / Instagram, etc.) but you don’t have your own product that would allow you to skyrocket your income. 

You provide a service 

but have reached the limit when you can’t scale it above your working hours.

You already teach in person

but would like to reach more people with an online course. 

You are working at a corporate job 

but would like to start your own business and teach others what you know in your professional field.

You run a business 

but would like to create a course as an additional income stream or to shift your business to online.

You have a hobby / a skill / a talent 

and you want more people to learn about it and share your passion.

Don't Delay Your Dream Course!

Course Curriculum

Module 01

Planning and goal-setting stage

You will first choose a profitable course topic and evaluate whether or not there is a demand for your course.

In this module you’ll also understand how your entire journey will look like in this program, what will be the implementation plan for this project and how you can set the goals and deadlines for yourself to successfully get to the finish line.

module 02

Learn how to generate leads for your course (even without ad budget)

You’ll get a complete action plan for content creation that will help you generate leads without ads. Learn how to design leads magnets and create simple squeeze pages.

module 03

Outline Your Course

In this module you’ll master the art of naming your course, will choose the right content format and the support level for your course that fit your personality type and meet your financial goals with the course.

module 04

Pre-Sell and Launch your Minimum Viable Product

Learn how to pre-sell your course before you spend a ton of time creating the ultimate best version of it. Start with a minimum viable product (you’ll learn what it is and how to sell it).

Learn how you can collect testimonials using your MVP before the big launch of your course. Understand how you will price your final course when it’s ready and pricing strategies that will help you find the best spot for your course.

module 05

Deliver Your Course Content

Choose the right way to record your course and the types of video lessons that will generate you more income.

Learn where you can host your course and how to set up your course content on the course hosting platform (Thinkific).

module 06

The Big Launch

What you’ll learn in this module can make it or break it for your course launch and sales. You will get ready with the main components of your big course launch – email sequences, the webinar and your sales page.

You’ll get to know how to structure your pre-webinar emails to make sure your audience will show up for the webinar. Learn how to use post-webinar emails to get about 40% extra sales when the webinar is over.

module 07

Using Webinars to Market your Courses

You will learn about the difference in performance between live and automated webinars and how you can use something in between for a stress-free live launch.  

module 08

Turn your Launch into an Evergreen Funnel

You’ll learn in this module how to create real urgency even with an evergreen funnel and automated webinar.

Learn whether or not flash-sales on holidays or Black Friday are worth it and how they can affect your annual income from the course.   


Six Bi-Weekly 

60-min Live Group Sessions in Zoom

Join me for a "get it done" bonus - 6 LIVE Zoom calls where you get direct access to me and my support, accountability during our bi-weekly Q&A sessions, and check-ins. Get access to calls twice a month for 3 months.
($1600 value)

Closed Members Only Community for Support

I’ll be active answering your questions so you don’t get stuck at any step of the program. I will be answering your questions in the community on week days.
($300 value)

How to Use YouTube Free Traffic for Course Sales 

My niched YouTube channel with 65k+ subscribers is the best conversion generator in my business. I’ll teach you to leverage this powerful traffic source to get warm or even hot leads into your funnel for free. 
($700 value)

That's a total value of $2600 just in bonuses.


I've passively watched others like Anastasia hustle and make money online for years, but it wasn't until recently I thought it was time for me to try it for myself. Once the Stress-Free Courses program became available I bought it A.S.A.P and I'm so glad I did!

I was surprised at how robust the knowledge base was. It was jam-packed with all the essential tools, strategies, and methods I had no idea I needed to actively make money online.

The course is smooth, well-thought-out, organized, enlightening, and specific. It covers all the basic sales funnel essentials. It truly paces someone for putting their digital products together. You learn methods on how to research demand for digital product ideas and how to price them.

This course goes beyond just showing you how to launch a course. It's your roadmap to online success. Thank you for creating Stress-Free Courses and showing us how it's done!

Bravo encore, encore!

Louie - United States

Before starting Stress - Free Course I felt overwhelmed and unsure about where to start with my online course creation. I felt this way since I knew there were many steps and it was all new to me.
I am now well on my way to selling my course. I have direction and a planned-out system that I know will work. I'm receiving emails and comments from people in South Africa and other places in the world which is super exciting! I know I am making an impact and helping people which is a great feeling!

I LOVED the Youtube bonus since I wanted to create a youtube channel. I am now getting free leads from my youtube channel which is AMAZING! I'm currently recording my course which feels great since it's getting very real. I definitely feel less stressed out about creating my course and weekly content. I feel confident that I will be able to sell it using SFC's sales funnel and marketing strategies.

Working with Anastasia was really inspiring. Her attention to detail and her full transparency made me feel super lucky to be a part of her founding members round. She has a lot of experience with online course creation. I had already taken her Pinterest course which has helped my DJ agency immensely. So I had no doubt her SFC program would steer me in the right direction as well. She really keeps things simple which I appreciate since there are a lot of moving parts to course creation. Anastasia went above and beyond to answer my questions and made sure I was set up for success. Her strategies really work!

Nicole Otero, DJ & Adjunct Professor - United States

Anastasia and her Stress-Free Course Accelerator have achieved more for me in the past couple of months, than in the previous couple of years. I like the way it was delivered with a clear step-by-step approach to all you need to know.

It's been a game-changer for me, I have learned so much and was able to tap into Anastasia's vast knowledge. This course provided a good solid grounding for my business and she is always there every step of the way to help you succeed. Highly -highly recommend.

Shirley Geraghty, Weight Loss Coach - United Kingdom

Nuno Silva

(Yes, Anastasia's husband)

I was very hesitant about creating my own course. I was sure Anastasia is selling hers so successfully because her Youtube channel is now big and her email list as well. But I had to start with 0. Anastasia convinced me it will all workout, I just had to start.

So, I took a leap of faith and made a pre-sell of my course. At that time, I had just about 4 videos on my Youtube channel, about 100 subscribers and only with one course Module ready. In 11 months, here is my Thinkific account, over 50k in sales on a course that is still work in progress (I do regular updates), and hundreds of happy students!

Louie Laino - United States

About Anastasia

When I launched my online course about Pinterest marketing, there were at least 7 well-known and popular courses on the same topic.

It didn’t stop me from building my authority in the niche, and 3 years down the road, my course has grown in price from $67 to $397, and is generating me on average $20,000 a month on an evergreen funnel (no stressful launches, you heard it right!).

14,000+ students in my free classes and webinars 

While building my authority on the market, I’ve taught over 14,000 students in my free classes and webinars and created the biggest playlist of Pinterest marketing tips and tutorials on my YouTube channel.

With my first baby (she is 1 year old now!) I realized that raising a child is harder than running a business. And I also found out all of a sudden that the workaholic lifestyle that is praised by so many entrepreneurs and course creators doesn’t work for me and my family.

I love lazy weekends once in a while. I love the freedom of going for a short vacation to a peaceful village in Portugal. And I love to see all the precious moments while my baby is growing and changing every day.

I don’t want a business that takes away all these things that make up my life – my family, mental and physical health, peace of mind. And I don’t want to say it’s the only right way to run an online business. But it’s my way. The stress-free way. And I want to help people who strive to build the same in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get immediate access to the entire program?

No, you’ll get immediate access to the the first module. And from there you’ll get access to the other modules within the next 12 weeks. This way, you can implement each part of the course before moving to the next. Course creation can get too overwhelming if you get too much information at once before you make any steps to implement what you learned. 

How long do I have access to the program?

This is an implementation program. You get access to the course materials for 12 months. It should NOT take you a lifetime to launch your online course or even turn it into an evegreen funnel. If it takes you more than a year, then you are doing something wrong. 
Note: 12-month access is given to the course materials and updates that happen to the program during this time. 
The support through Closed Members Community is also provided for 12 months. Group Zoom calls are limited to the first 3 months of enrollment. You've gotta do the thing in SFC and get the results!

Will I get access to Anastasia if I have questions?

Anastasia will host 1-hour live Zoom calls twice a month to answer your questions. You will get access to 6 live calls within the first 3 months of enrollment. You will be asked to send your questions in advance for each Q&A session and even if you don’t make live in Zoom, every session will be recorded. You can also ask your questions in written form in a Closed Members-only community for support. I will reply there within 24 hours on week days.

Do I Need to Purchase Expensive Software?

The main software you’ll be using for hosting your course and sell it is Thinkific and it’s the most cost-effective platform that has been on the market for years + they even offer a completely free plan. 

Other software you will need for your marketing efforts includes email provider (I recommend ConvertKit, which also has a free version). The rest of the software solutions (check the full list here) will help you automate your funnel but they will be optional and not required for your first-course launch. 

All in all, the cost of the software you’ll need to use can likely be covered by one or a few course sales when your program is launched.

You can check the full list of software that I recommend in the program here.

Do you have a guarantee?

If you have doubts that this program is for you, by all means reach out to me prior to the purchase and ask your questions. You have 14 days to start the program and complete your coursework for the first two modules. If by the end of the 14 days since your enrollement you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your coursework and I will issue the full refund.

This program was created for people ready and willing to take action. If you want to just have a look around, by all means, don’t join the program, you’d be wasting your time/money and might not be eligible for a refund if you don’t plan to complete the coursework. 

Can you guarantee I’ll make XYZ dollars in the first month?

No, I can’t. Keep in mind this is not a get-rich program and has never been advertised this way. Stress-Free model suggested for your marketing and sales strategies means you will be able to sell courses on an evergreen automated funnel. But you will still need to invest your time and effort to build the course and the funnel. Like with anything you start as an entrepreneur, no specific results can be guaranteed because everyone joining the program is different and the niches are different. 

Do I need to run ads for my course launch?

No, actually it’s the exact opposite. The strategies I teach are mostly based on how you can promote your course organically because that’s what always has worked best for me and I like to teach what I do.

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